12/29/22: hopefully quick progress

im stuck at home in my bed because i had to get my wisdom teeth out (before you ask, yes i kept them. what should i do with them though? lol) there isn't much that i can do, my mouth is in a lot of pain. im going to work on making an about page using the layout from the shrine landing page but make it less minimal. and nicer. im excited because i like talking about myself, ha!

anyways, i hope you all had a merry christmas and a happy hannukah. as in "you all", i mean... i dont know. i doubt people read my blog because it's very much unfinished, but i appreciate the hits it gets. it means a lot, even if youre just stopping by to check it out.

12/23/22: adding pages

hi everybody! i can't believe my site has had over 300 views since i made it two days ago. thank you everyone! i know it doesn't look that great right now, this is the only page, but i just added a shrine landing page so far-the only working link. are the shrines done? no, lolz. but they will be soon. they'll be a great opportunity for me to practice coding from scratch. i actually coded the landing page only using google for tips, although i looked at a few blogs on here to see how in the world i can center text in a nice little box. it's actually not very hard!

im going to start working on either my page dedicated to mcr (mostly gerard way, sorry) or make an about me page. i think you all will really like my oc page when i go to make it, but i still need to finish making reference art for them. please look forward to it

12/22/22: the starting point...

i only know basic html and css but im excited to learn how to actually make a website. this site's html was generated thanks to sadness's layout builder, though i am slowly tweaking things.

i finally know what a container is and how it's different from a body! many guides i have read online are helpful, but my brain is the size of a small orange. plus, im a visual learner, so sadness's guides have been a big help.

so... what now?

well, chances are: if you're reading this, you're actually excited for my webpage. i appreciate it because i am too! html is fun to learn and my goal is to have this website using my own, handwritten html and some more custom graphics.

i also am excited to showcase my original characters and talk about myself, ha! i plan to create some shrines dedicated to my favorite fictional characters. i'll have a lot of fun stuff.

i just really need to get better at html. sometimes i make a mistake and have to spend 15 min fixing it, only to find that it was a typo...